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Igape visits Seistag facilites

On August the 27th, the Director of Igape visited SEISTAG facilities. During the visit, the technicians of the company explained the sawing process of SEISTAG. Among the explanations given, the Company shared many details about the innovative processes for sawing thick veneer that SEISTAG has been developing within Woodnat Project. The regional press published all the details of the visit.


Igape is the Regional Agency for industrial development. It is a Public body, which has contributed to the industrialization of many Companies during the last decades. It has also helped Seistag to expand the industrial process in two directions: to be more efficient at sawing, and to implement technology for drying timber. During the encounter, the Company shared the idea of investing in new industrial processes to be set in the Company in order to produce goods with higher value, which means more local employment.


The Director of Igape showed deep interest on the telecommunication technologies applied to the industry of forest and timber. Those activities are very relevant in the region and could take much advantage from the technical innovations. Regarding this question, SEISTAG shared its virtual sawmill and the website where all the process parameters can be consulted in real time. This technology has been developed by another partner of Woodnat project and will be published in this website in the upcoming weeks.


Regarding the virtual sawmill, this is a 4.0 technology. It makes possible to calculate the feasibility of transforming any kind of log without having to do it actually. The system identifies all the inputs and outputs of the process considering the specific data of the existing process. By means of this, it provides information for making decisions. SEISTAG used this technology to calculate the best industrial path for European Walnut logs. The tool was also useful in order to identify the minimal diameters needed to keep the first transformation process profitable.