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What is Woodnat for you ?  



Woodnat has been an incredible opportunity to work with the best walnut’s specialists, coming from Spain, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria…. and France !

All along the project we have succeeded on developing a true partnership around our common purposes.


Seed improvement

Seedlings and young plant selection in order to define a European Walnut genetic which is more resistant and grows faster

From seed to plant

Develop an up-scaling of walnut plant production reliable method.

From plant to tree

Demonstrate and spread a profitable and sustainable model for European Walnut plantations across Europe

From land owner to consumer

Develop tools for a more efficient communication between producers and consumers of European Walnut Wood using NTIC from the field to the end user.

From tree to Wood product

Develop new products, define technical qualities and setup robotic tools based on the European Walnut specific characteristics and suitable for the existing market

From tree cut to tree re-grow

Develop a bio-based approach to avoid re-grow of Walnut trees from stumps and reduce carbon emission using fungi. This approach does also provides an additional market opportunity for the plantation manager.


In addition to the above listed outputs, Woodnat’s is also an opportunity to rethink the plantation and wood market model. That’s the reason why Woodnat is much more than wood.