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Four videos from Woodnat Project are already on the web by Seistag

Up to four videos from Woodnat Project have been uploaded to Youtube in the next weeks. This activity is part of the dissemination program. Therefore, the videos will be also available at Woodnat website, under the tag “medias”. They are already four videos, but more will come to light soon.


The first video refers to the production of European Hybrid Walnut veneered boards. It was published on May the 1st. The images explain the productive process of veneered boards.


On the same date, a second video was uploaded. That one shows innovative boards that have been veneered using mixed species. The pictures show three different models of veneered surfaces, all of them contains a certain amount of European Walnut combined either with Oak or Pine.


The next video was published on May the 21st. It describes the collaboration with SEB, the French Association of Wood Experts. The movie resumes visits and meetings between European Experts and a large number of Spanish SMEs.


The last video published by Woodnat was launched on June the 11th. It provides images of the colour modification of European Walnut Veneer by means of digital printing. On the basis of that technology, Seistag developed a process for changing the dull colour of young European Hybrids into the bold colour of Regia Walnuts. The process also allows to develop creative products by means of original patterns.